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Welcome to Black Therapist Network!  Our therapy directory provides listings of diverse professional Therapists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Occupational Therapists
We recognize finding a professional may be a time consuming and sometimes difficult task, we are here to make it a little easier.  Whether you are seeking assistance with depression, relationship issues, medication management, emotional strain, child behavioral concerns etc. Our network of professionals will be able to assist you.
This directory is intended for informational purposes only. We can not guarantee the accuracy of each listing. Please check and verify credential information.


  • Kaiesha Flucas, M.Ed., M.S., LPC
    Kaiesha Flucas, M.Ed., M.S., LPC
  • Melissa Phillips Jordan, Ph.D.
    Melissa Phillips Jordan, Ph.D.
  • Leana Sykes
    Leana Sykes
  • Esther Boykin, LMFT
    Esther Boykin, LMFT
  • Group Therapy Associates, LLC
    Group Therapy Associates, LLC
  • Joy Metoyer, LCSW
    Joy Metoyer, LCSW
  • Robin Richards-Greene, LCSW
    Robin Richards-Greene, LCSW
  • Jeffrey Roberts
    Jeffrey Roberts
  • Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson
    Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson
  • Wellness Center Fort Lauderdale
    Wellness Center Fort Lauderdale
  • Lynette G. Collins, MA, LCPC
    Lynette G. Collins, MA, LCPC
  • Life Skills Development, LLC
    Life Skills Development, LLC
  • Ruth Lucas, MA, ME.d, LPC
    Ruth Lucas, MA, ME.d, LPC
  • Dr. Chante Pantila
    Dr. Chante Pantila
  • TreatmentHelp
  • Angela J. Cooper, LPC
    Angela J. Cooper, LPC
  • Takiya Paicely, MSW, LCSW, DCC
    Takiya Paicely, MSW, LCSW, DCC
  • Misty Smith, PhD, LPC, CEAP
    Misty Smith, PhD, LPC, CEAP
  • Journeys Counseling Center, LLC
    Journeys Counseling Center, LLC
  • Jacqueline Noel, LPC
    Jacqueline Noel, LPC
  • Tammi Young Therapy LLC
    Tammi Young Therapy LLC
  • Brain Child Labs
    Brain Child Labs
  • God's Way Christian Counseling
    God's Way Christian Counseling

Recently Added Listings

  • Kaiesha Flucas, M.Ed., M.S., LPC
    Kaiesha Flucas, M.Ed., M.S., LPC

    1636 North Hampton Road Suite 101, DeSoto, TX 75115

    I specialize in working with children/adolescents who are experiencing grief/loss, self-esteem, behavioral, & relational issues. I also assist individuals suffering with depression, anxiety, anger, stress, trauma, & developmental/mental disorders, etc. My credentials include being a Certifie

    Specialties Grief/loss, self-esteem, behavioral & relational issues, trauma

  • Melissa Phillips Jordan, Ph.D.
    Melissa Phillips Jordan, Ph.D.

    1015 15th Street, NW Washington DC 20005

    Specializing in psychological and educational evaluations as well as individual and couples therapy.

  • Leana Sykes
    Leana Sykes

    304 Newton Ave, Suite 140a Oaklyn, NJ 08107

    I help couples and families connect, and navigate challenges in their relationships with each other. Couples and families from any ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation are welcome in my office, and will find comfort and results in my practice. I specialize in Post-Separation/Divorce Family The

    Specialties Treatment Orientation: Attachment Coaching Eclectic Family / Marital Humanistic Attachment-based Contextual Emotionally Focused Family Systems Interpersonal Modality: Individuals Family Couples

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