Black Therapist Network

Our aim to raise awareness about mental health and to reduce challenges in accessing mental health services by providing a platform to connect you to a therapist of your choice.

Search Website Create Listing is a directory of black, African American, Latino, Multicultural Mental Health Therapists and Caribbean Therapists.

Find professional Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Addictions Counselors and Nurse Practitioners.

Please note all information provided on this site is provided by the individual listed. If you notice discrepancy with their information please contact the individual directly. We are not responsible for any licensing issues involved with individuals listed here. 

Reasons to Seek Help:

-Depression   -Anxiety    -Adjustment Disorders  – Stress  -Trauma

-Difficulty in Relationships   -Addiction    -Mood Instability     -Disordered Eating

-Grief   -Personal Growth  -Low self esteem  -School and Social Related Issues

No specific reason you just feel you need someone to talk to.