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Her Black Therapist

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Growing up, I was the youngest child to two married migrants from the little island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea. My happy story quickly changed to being the last daughter to a divorced, single mom, raising three children on her own in Brooklyn, NY. 

We bounced around a lot. Our home was an open door. Our family was tight. But this also meant I had tons of extended family. The love was real but so were the emotions. 

My identity was ever changing. I was often interested in a bunch of things. It was so hard to figure out what I wanted to be in life. I struggled in college. It took me longer than my friends to graduate. But I found my purpose. 

The issues plaguing the Black community today were essentially the reason why I became a Social Worker. What led me to my career as a therapist was the consistent wall I couldn’t get past when looking for a therapist of my own.


My criteria: 





Down to Earth.

Tell it like it is attitude.


Basically, I was looking for me! I never found her until way after I was already deep into my career as a psychotherapist. I often think back to those days where I felt stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, and confused about my next steps in life.

If only I could fully open up to my therapist, who was by the way AMAZING, she just wasn’t the fit for me. I couldn’t fully open up to her because our connection just wasn’t there. 

This is why being a therapist is so important to me. More importantly, being a Black therapist. I want to be that person someone is looking for and I pray our spirits connect in a way that we can get down to business and work together to evoke change. 

I’m the therapist that moves at your pace. I listen. I ask a whole lot of questions. I push you to seek clarity and to also acknowledge your limitations, behaviors and thoughts that may not be working for you. We talk about growth. We take things one step at a time. We explore future goals and plans to get there. We work ish out! 

And in all that we acknowledge trauma. We overcome anxiety. We rise above depression. We figure out career and life paths. We sleep better. We communicate better. We ultimately feel better and most importantly treat ourselves better.

This is therapy. In a nut shell. Sounds super easy but this ish is hard work. 

Luckily, this is where I come in! I’m here for you. 

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation and let’s WORK!



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Cigna, United Healthcare, Optum, Oxford, Oscar Commercial Plans

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$80-$120/ session

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy

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