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Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Consultant and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Shinique Wright, aka Charli received her Bachelor’s degree in Evolutionary Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. She acquired her Masters Degree in Family Therapy from Drexel University. With over fourteen years in the field of behavioral and mental health, she is innovating a path of understanding that ALL our interactions and experiences in our lives will have a systemic underpinning to it. For us as individuals, it is our mind, body, and spirit connection. Charli works to connect with people through a transparent, socially conscious, and empathic lens. This enables her to coin the term “Not Your Average Therapist’.

Working with couples. Individuals, groups and families, Charli is fully trained in the methods of Psychodynamics and System theory while also incorporating the understanding of Spirituality into her evolving practice.  This allows for a fully comprehensive understanding of her clients’ challenges at hand. It also enables an intrinsic ability to connect with every human on a deeper personal and spiritual level.

Working professionally with those who have dealt with traumatic experiences have become natural for Charli. Having dealt with trauma as young girl, Charli had struggled with her own mental health challenges that would often interfere with her personal relationships. Being able to relate to her clients who have dealt with trauma allows, for a genuine understanding of how compounding past situations can have significant effect on future interactions. Through use of empathy, Charli believes that all healing can start by addressing the first instances of brokenness in efforts to properly mend your wounds.

She is founder and CEO of WrightNOW Counseling, as well as creator of the internet talk series ‘Sex Talk With Charli’. The talk series focuses on a holistic perspective on all things love, sex and relationships. Charli has been on numerous panels, podcasts and talk shows as the expert consultant for mental health and relationships.  As well as continues to create motivational and empowering videos for people outside of her scope of reach, on various internet platforms. Continuing to hold true that the only way to heal is to acknowledge your problems and set intentional plans on how to achieve your goals, helps her to stoutly stand by her slogan that it is always “The Wright time to Change”.

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Provider Information
Provider Type
State Licensed
PennsylvaniaRhode Island
Zip Code
Type of Insurance Accepted


Accepted Payment Methods

Cash, CC Card, Debit Card, HSA, FSA

Average Cost Per Session

$120/per session

Client Focus
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19), Adults, Elders (65+)
Treatment Approach and Modalities

CBT, Solution-Focus Therapy , Mindfulness techniques, EFT.

Groups Offered

Outpatient Women's Group

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